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Do I need Restaurant experience to open an Arooga's Franchise?

Restaurant experience is preferred but not required. However each franchise location must have a General Manager with a minimum of 5 years or more restaurant and bar management experience. If you are an investor, you will be required to have a general manager for single unit stores and an operations manager for multi unit stores who will be responsible for the operations of your store or stores. Arooga's will assist in the process but it is your responsibility to secure a general manager for single unit stores and an operations manager for multi unit stores if you do not have the required experience. 

The general manager, assistant general manager(s), hospitality managers, and kitchen manager need to successfully complete the Arooga's University Management Training Program.  

What is the required net worth to purchase an Arooga's Franchise?

There is a required Net Worth of $4 million or more with liquid assets of $1 million or more to purchase an Arooga's franchise.

What is Arooga's minimum territory requirements?

Joining the Arooga's Nation begins with a commitment to develop a minimum of 3 locations in a defined territory over an agreed upon development schedule. There are many great markets still available, so please contact us to determine availability in your area.   Arooga's also allows for single location franchise opportunities in airports, stadiums, and unique location driven sites. 

What franchise territories are available?

There are many great markets still available, so please click below to request more info on available franchise opportunities. 

Click here to find out more about open Arooga's territories

How much money can I make?

Arooga's discloses many details of it's financial performance in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This information will be shared with you during the franchise inquiry process. 

*This advertisement is not an offering of a franchise. An offering can be made only by prospectus. We only sell franchisees in states where our offering is registered. Individual performances may vary.

What makes Arooga's a Green Restaurant?

Arooga's is the first full service Certified Green Restaurant in the state of PA and all locations are Certified. We have taken many steps in reducing our carbon footprint and our overall effect on the environment. Some of the many steps we have taken are completely removing styrofoam from all locations, recycling our grease into biodisel fuel, we use nontoxic cleaning and chemical products, have energy management systems that reduce our carbon footprint. We have added energy management systems that reduce our carbon footprint. Arooga's plans to introduce new steps every year. 


Is Arooga's SBA approved?

Yes, you have the ability to pursue an SBA Loan which is guaranteed through the federal government. Arooga's is a member of the "Franchise Registry".  The FR is by far the most effective tool to assist with franchise financing the industry has ever seen. It plays a vital role in connecting lenders to franchisors, helping lenders find franchise opportunities as well as underwrite loans, helping franchisors improve their financing position, and helping franchisors complete the SBA paperwork for SBA loans, no matter what rules the SBA chooses to inflict on the industry.  If you are pursuing an SBA guaranteed loan, Arooga's participation in the franchise registry will provide you with expedited processing of your loan request.   

What kind of training does Arooga's provide for franchisees?

Training in the Arooga's system will provide you and your management team with knowledge and insight on how to operate a successful Arooga's franchise. Our team has vast experience in all facets of running a successful operation, and we will share all that and more during the 4 week comprehensive training of your team at our Corporate Training physicality & offices which includes in-store training at our corporate locations in Central Pennsylvania where your core team gets immersed into our operations and passes their test for being members of the #AroogaNation. Our Start-Up and On-Going Training will cover all aspects of running an Arooga’s, including: 

  • Guidance in securing a liquor license
  • Pre opening assistance
  • Operational & management tools
  • Marketing, promotions, and public relations
  • Preparation of all Arooga's menu items
  • Quality and food portion control
  • Complete equipment lists & specifications
  • Pre-approved suppliers
  • Certified Training Program
  • Tips on effective hiring of personnel and management
  • Coverage and food inventory management
  • Assistance using our integrated online sales, inventory, and accounting software
  • Cleanliness, organization, and sanitation standards
  • Execution of opening and closing management function

What kind of marketing support does Arooga's provide?

The best food and beverage combined with the best location on earth doesn’t mean much if folks don’t know you’re there. So we give you the marketing tools to get results,  which is a major component of running a successful Restaurant franchisee.  At Arooga's, We have earned our Wings ....both on the menu and in marketing, We will provide you with direction for integrating these marketing functions into the successful operation of your business. Our specialized marketing programs include: 

  • In unit promotion
  • Online menu and ordering
  • Print , internet and television advertising
  • Catering - programs and promotions including online catering ordering
  • Cardless loyalty program - which includes loyalty points, email marketing and mobile texting
  • Gift cards
  • Funds for Friends Community fundraising program
  • Unique micro websites for each location
  • Social Media training including paid advertising promotions
  • Intranet with professional photography & marketing advertisement
  • Artificial intelligence software that manages franchise location information on over 100+ search engines, mobile apps, maps, social networks, & directories 

Does Arooga's offer financing?

No Arooga's does not offer financing directly but does have relationships with several banking and finance partners "That Will Help to Put Money in the Hands of Our Franchisees".  Arooga's does not have any business interest in any of these financial services but offers the introduction to these financial service providers as a benefit to our potential franchise partners. 

Does Arooga's allow for 2nd generation retorfit locations?

At Arooga's you can take advantage of second generation spaces to save thousands in construction costs. Our flexible design and footprint standards ensure we maximize your return on every dollar invested. Many of our locations are 2nd generation retrofits.

Does Arooga's offer international franchise opportunities?

Arooga's offers international restaurant franchise opportunities in several countries outside of the USA. Please contact Keith Swade, our Director of Franchise Development at keithswade@aroogas.com for more information.